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I think our city has a lot of great "Public Figures" but we lack "Public Servants". I hope I can be that servant leader for you and your family. 

My philosophy of government is built on three core principles:

  • The Government does not make up or define the people. It is the people who make up and define the government. 

  • The Government is never the sole solution, it is a "catalyst" to change. Real solutions are found in individuals. 

  • The Government does have a legitimate role in our society. But it's our job as voters to limit that role.

As your District 4 representative, I promise to address the following.

Sustainable Communities


Sustainability is not just an eco-friendly buzzword. A sustainable Charlotte is one that secures the elements of opportunity from generation to generation — safe transportation, a clean environment, and jobs.


The most important of these is economic opportunity. Our city’s current development boom is not lifting everyone at the same pace. Charlotte is too often a tale of two cities, and it’s time for that story to end.


We will:


  • Return the City Council’s focus to getting jobs for people in all parts of town and from all walks of life.

  • Set an example in city government by promoting employment among young people to help them build workforce skills and encourage private sector employers to hire at-risk youth.

  • Recruit businesses and jobs to the Blue Line corridor in District 4.

  • Advocate for more sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly streets across the district.

  • Support private-sector innovation in clean energy and environmental sustainability. This can be done by easing zoning rules or offering tax credits to developers choosing to invest in solar energy or other environmentally friendly options.

  • Set an example in city government by supporting environmental initiatives like the “Innovation Barn” partnership with Envision Charlotte and UNC-Charlotte.


Safe Communities


By the end of June, Charlotte had already suffered more homicides in 2019 than the entire year prior. Each one represents a family torn apart.


Enough is enough. Our community is fed up and ready to take the responsibility to secure our neighborhoods. We need leadership to hold the culprits of the violence within accountable.



We will:


  • Create neighborhood leadership coalitions to identify solutions to the specific crime problems each faces.

  • Double the city’s investment in JumpStart Safety Micro-Grant from $500,000 to $1 million per year, with a substantial amount spent in District 4. These grants support community organizations working in conflict resolution, family stabilization, and crime-fighting.

  • Invest in foot patrol officers within neighborhoods to build relationships between the officers and people they serve.

  • Fund additional officer positions, recruiting heavily in diverse and minority communities.

  • Increase police training funding so that every officer can become proficient in de-escalation techniques.


Affordable Communities


Charlotte families don't dream of making it to low-income apartments. They dream about owning their own home and building wealth.


But to date, Charlotte’s best idea for tackling our affordable housing crisis is to put $50 million toward supporting new apartments for our low-income neighbors.


There’s simply no way to build our way out of this problem. Real solutions must involve supporting a range of affordable housing options — especially building pathways to homeownership. Our City Council must get out of the way of innovative ideas to do just that.


We will:

  • Support innovative affordable housing solutions, from tiny homes to shared equity.

  • Ensure that our zoning ordinances allow for diverse housing options across the city.

  • Expand down payment assistance programs and financial literacy support through a public-private partnership.

  • Explore creation of a public-private land trust to buy land for affordable housing before it gets too expensive.


More Community. Less Politics.